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We specialise in providing modular and portable office, cabins and units. As a result, we have a wide experience in constructing portable office cabin, supplying great, modern designs and paying meticulous attention to detail. Our steel based portable office cabin are energy efficient, built with the highest quality materials and comply with local building regulations.

We are nurturing a long lasting relationship with our patrons by manufacturing and exporting an exceptional range of Portable Office Cabin. These cabins are broadly used as the onsite office in the remote location or at the construction sites. We design Portable Office Cabins with the help of latest technologies and state of the art infrastructural facility by using premium grade materials.


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Size Available in different sizes
Shape Rectangular
Feature Easily Assembled, Eco Friendly
Built Type Modular,Prefab
Material MS, CR, GI & Steel

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Portable office cabin details

Long lasting

  • The inside of the portable cabins is fitted with insulation wool and has sockets for fans, heater, computer system, air conditioner and for table lights.
  • The generally the portable cabin has a single door and window with sliding glass.
  • The portable cabins used for offices can have two doors and more than one window.
  • The portable cabins are sealed on the bottom, corners and seams to prevent any ingress of moisture, water or dust.
  • The portable cabins are manufactured to be used in any weather condition.
  • And can be used day or night, as the portable cabins are fitted with the adequate lighting system.