Security Cabin

Our Security Cabins are manufactured with quality raw materials where we can meet the customers demand and we also manufacture the security cabins as per the customers requirements.These cabins are manufactured in two materials like M.S(mild steel sheet) and ACP Sheet. You can use these security cabins for security purpose at construction site, company premises, schools and colleges security, events security and watchman’s cabins. Commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, or residential facilities, Guardhouses are generally placed at the entrance as checkpoints for securing, monitoring and maintaining access control into the secured facility.

In the case of small to mid-sized facilities, generally the entire physical security envelope is controlled from the Guardhouse. Guardhouses are manufactured with welded, galvanized steel construction, insulated, include heat and light, have 360 degree visibility, and can also be bullet resistant. These guardhouses keep security guards comfortable as well as secure.

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